Position Statements

PLIDA Position Statements advocate for parents’ emotional needs and the provision of compassionate, relationship-based care. Use them to increase awareness, educate others, inform policy, sustain supportive programs, or encourage change. Please print, copy, and distribute without adapting.

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PLIDA Position Statements

1. Bereaved Parents’ Right to Self-Determination Regarding Their Baby (© 2008; revised 2016)

2. Delaying Postmortem Pathology Studies (© 2006; revised 2016)

3. Infection Risks Are Insignificant When Parents Have Contact With Their Baby After Death (© 2005; revised 2016)

4. Lactation After Perinatal Loss Requires Education and Specialized Care
(© August 2016)

5. Offer the Baby to Bereaved Parents With Relationship-Based Care
(© 2008; revised 2016)

6. Pregnancy After Perinatal Loss Requires Unique Care (© August 2016)

7. Pregnancy Termination Following Adverse Fetal or Maternal Diagnosis (© August 2016)

Position Statements from Other Organizations 

1. Interdisciplinary Guidelines for Care of Women Presenting to the Emergency Department with Pregnancy Loss
(National Perinatal Association, 2016; PLIDA endorsement)

2. Cooling the Baby’s Body After Death (Resolve Through Sharing, 2015-2016; PLIDA endorsement)

3. Caring for Families Experiencing Stillbirth (Warland & Davis, 2011)

4. Perinatal Palliative Care (Resolve Through Sharing, 2008-2016; PLIDA endorsement)


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